The struggle you go through as a creative entrepreneur when you try to plan and execute your big dreams all by yourself is soo real.

Those sleepless nights, endless research, DIY design dilemmas, tech headaches, hours at the customer support to fix glitches, and the insane amount of caffeine needed just to pull through the day are something I wouldn’t wish on anybody!

And by the time you onboard the client, you are completely exhausted, and you break down and you’ll need a tub full of ice cream to recover.

And that my friend, is the crucial time you should be at your all-time high and make the members feel welcomed and cherished.

If you are exhausted and anxious, your audience can feel it too! The energy that you show up with on the webinar day or at a live event is directly proportional to the number of audiences you turn into paying clients.

So DIYing your launch day is actually costing you $$$$


Having a stress free launch with all back end work set up for you
Having your funnel optimized and automated with no leaks
Having the peace of mind that the client journey is seamless
Having the time and energy to show up at your live launch do your magic!

You want to make this dream live launch a reality and take your business beyond realms?

Well! The days of stressing and second-guessing yourself are over. With our strategic launch support, you can easily hit your next 6 figure launch!

What do we offer

Mapping out the Full Launch Strategy


Project Plan, Management and Implementation⠀⠀⠀⠀


Setting up all things tech


Setting up the assets for your unique funnel


Setting up and automating the email funnel


Setting up the membership site


Priming and nurturing leads


Designing a highly converting sales page and a webinar page


Uploading the course content


Designing and scheduling social media posts for the launch

We absolutely LOVE to help our clients with smaller projects just as much as the big ones

Do you need help with something? You don’t see it here? Just ask away 🙂